Important Announcement

Registration for the Long Distance Philosophy course will open on September 3, 2018! Check back soon for more details.

Vidya Institute is dedicated to the teaching of Classical Yoga and ancient wisdom traditions, and offers courses of practice and study that highlight their relevance to our contemporary world. At the heart of our teachings is a belief in a holistic approach to health and self-transformation that takes into consideration the whole individual.

It is our pleasure to announce the publication of The Sacred in Exile, by Gillian McCann and Gitte Bechsgaard.

cover-sacred-in-exileThe Sacred in Exile: What it Really Means to Lose Our Religion
Release date: October, 2017
by Gillian McCann and Gitte Bechsgaard

This book addresses the fact that, for the first time in history, a large segment of the population in the western world is living without any form of religious belief. While a number of writers have examined the implications of this shift, none have approached the phenomenon from the perspective of religious studies. The authors examine what has been lost from the point of view of sociology, psychology, and philosophy of religion. The book sits at the nexus of a number of important debates including: the role of religion in public life, the connection between religion and physical and psychological well-being, and the implications of the loss of ritual in terms of maintaining communities.

Vidya Institute will be offering a full year of international programs and workshops in different locations worldwide. As of September 5th, 2017 we will be closing our Toronto location, please visit the Local (Toronto) page for more information.