manisaseekerAt Vidya Institute (Toronto, Canada) we offer a range of educational programs designed to provide students with a background in Classical Yoga. These courses, including Yoga teacher training, are intended for those seeking a deepening of study and practice in areas such as Yoga philosophy, Eastern psychology, Āyurveda and the greater Vedic tradition. Because these particular programs are ongoing and cumulative they offer the opportunity to develop a relationship with both teachers and a community of students. The format also allows the student to slowly build a body of living wisdom in regards to the vast field of Vedic studies.

Our 2-year Classical Yoga Teacher Training program (starting in the Fall 2015) encompasses all of the above-mentioned areas of Yoga-study, offering a rigorous approach to the individual’s development both as a teacher and student of Yoga. Please note that we have a structure suitable for local students (Toronto/Ontario) and one tailored to students out of town (distance/international students). Our Yoga workshops as well as the 4 module Yoga Sūtras Course centered on Yoga philosophy, are meant to provide current teachers or dedicated students with ongoing inspiration, support and learning opportunities.


Vidya Institute’s workshops are intended for Yoga teachers, professionals, and also students of Yoga who are interested in a deepening of practice, as well as a more rigorous study of classical Yoga Philosophy and the greater Yoga tradition. The intensive nature of these courses provide students with an opportunity to strengthen their practice through an integrated approach to Yoga and its related Vedic disciplines. In addition, workshops are structured to reflect a balance of theory and practice, including both lecture and practice components.

Guest teachers with extensive experience in areas such as Āyurveda (traditional Indian medicine), B.K.S Iyengar Yoga and/or World Religions often participate in and enrich our workshop teachings.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training
With Gitte Bechsgaard (RP, E- R.Y.T), Dr. Gillian McCann and guest Iyengar Yoga Teachers

Vidya Institute is committed to providing students with a course of study that is grounded in the tradition of Classical Yoga while recognizing that Yoga is a journey that holds a balance between physical-mental practice and intensive study.

In our 2-year training program we emphasize a firm foundation in the physical, philosophical and psycho-spiritual aspects of Yoga, and thus an approach to practice that includes all aspects of being.  Another facet of the Vidya curriculum focuses on Yoga’s sister science of Āyurveda, including an understanding of Yogic practice, life-style and teaching based on individual constitution.

Two different structures are available- one for students living in/near Toronto, Ontario and one for students living out of town (international students). Local students will obtain a 500 hour training whereas distance students will receive a 250 hour course of study.

The curriculum is structured in a way that fulfills both the highest requirements of Yoga Alliance and the vision behind Vidya Institute.

[Note: Vidya Institute is an officially “Designated Private Educational Institute” for Income tax for the Teachers Training and Continuing Education programs. Participants receive a tuition fee receipt which can be used as a tax-deduction.]

Continuing Education

This year we are excited to be offering three continuing education programs- i) Yoga Philosophy: The Greater Yoga Tradition; ii) Eastern Psychology & Contemplative Psychotherapies, and iii) Āyurvedic Lifestyle and Self-Care Program. Please scroll down to read about the first two or click here to learn more about our program in Yoga & Āyurveda.

The Greater Yoga Tradition: Immersion in Study and Practice
with Gitte Bechsgaard (PhD, E-RYT), Dr. Gillian McCann and guest Iyengar Yoga Teachers 

In this year course we will explore essential themes and topics from classic Yogic śāstras (scriptures) such as the Upaniṣads, the Yoga Sūtras, and the Bhagavad Gītā to deepen the understanding of the greater context of the Yoga Tradition. The program is structured in a way that allows for a balance between lectures on Yoga Philosophy, study of the Yoga Sūtras, including Vyasa’s Bhāṣya (the most ancient commentary on the Yoga Sūtras), Sanskrit, and last but not least, the experiential practice of āsanas (postures), prāṇāyāma (breath practice), and sūtra recitation. In this way, the curriculum is devoted to the living dialogue between embodied practice and svādhyāya (study of scripture and self) in its various forms.