The Gift of Consciousness: Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras by Gitte Bechsgaard, Ph.D, is to be read by those who love Yoga in general and by practitioners of Yoga in particular. This book acts as a guide book to take a journey from the bank of mundane life towards the bank of spiritual life.”
(from the Foreword to The Gift of Consciousness by B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Master, author of Light on the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, Light on Yoga, and many more)

“Bechsgaard has isolated and explained many of the guiding concepts in the Yoga Sūtras… she has provided practitioners with the tools to fine tune their own understanding and practice. Any reader will be highly rewarded in their own lives and yoga practices through a careful reading of this book.”

(Frederick M. Smith, Professor of Sanskrit and Classical Indian Religions, University of Iowa)

“This work is a masterful overview of the Yoga Sūtras and their meaning for us today. Bechsgaard’s background in Western psychology allows for an intriguing comparison between South Asian and Western schematas of the human psyche. This work will appeal to a broad audience including scholars of religion, Yoga teachers and practitioners, and any general readers who have an interest in Eastern religion and philosophy, meditation and psychology.”
(Dr. Gillian McCann, Assistant Professor, Religions and Culture, Nipissing University; author: Vanguard of the New Age)

“Gitte has written a thought-provoking book that will help turn today’s Yoga students into true Yoga practitioners.”
(Joan White, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher; Director B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga School of Central Philadelphia)

“Gitte Bechsgaard’s The Gift of Consciousness is a brilliant tour de force linking the best of Eastern and Western thought on the nature of the self and methods for its exploration. The clarity of her writing makes this rich exposition of a very important subject delightfully accessible to the Western reader.”
(Adam Crabtree, Ph.D; author of Trance Zero and From Mesmer to Freud)

“Gitte Bechsgaard has made a substantial and significant contribution to the field of Yogic studies with The Gift of Consciousness. The work will be of great value to anyone interested in this Eastern Tradition, including the novice looking for an accessible introduction to Yoga as well as the scholar, contemplative and teacher. The clarity of the author’s writing and her skill in communicating difficult and complex concepts attests to her mastery of the Yoga Sūtras and its profound psychology.”
(Dr. Tony Toneatto, Psychologist, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Director, Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health Program, University of Toronto.)

“I highly recommend this work on Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras to all who are seekers in the art, science, and philosophy of Yoga. Bechsgaard’s overview and organization of Patañjali’s work is of great benefit to students of Yoga, and her expressive commentary is especially wonderful in linking Patañjali’s teachings to our own lives.”
(Gloria Goldberg, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Director, Iyengar Yoga Center of La Mesa)

“A classical interpretation though with a modern language, this commentary, simple and at the same time profound, is easy to follow for beginners but also useful for mature practitioners. This book will help with your understanding of the sutras as well as give you enthusiasm and practical guidance for balancing your time and energy in order to become steady in your practice. Only then the pratictioner becomes ‘dṛḍha bhūmiḥ’, which means literally solid and unshakable like the earth.”
(Gabriella Giubilaro, Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher; Director, Centro Iyengar Yoga of Florence)

“As Gitte’s first Yoga teacher I am very proud of this work! I have taught many Yoga students, but few who shine through in the way that Gitte did when I first met her and still does today. I am convinced that her book The Gift of Consciousness will end up on many bookshelves around the world becoming a new classic in Yoga literature. It is an amazing book – all yogis around the world should read it!”
(Jette Berring, Intermediate Junior Level III Iyengar Yoga Teacher; Director, B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Center Copenhagen)

“Books are in a certain way like people—there are two kinds: those you tend to forget and those few that actually makes a difference in your life. The Gift of Consciousness is of the latter kind and may actually make an important difference for you. This book on the Yoga Sūtras is filled with insight and important guidance about the dynamic relation between the Yogic journey and life as such. Read it!”
(Claus Wittig, Intermediate Junior Level III Iyengar Yoga Teacher; Director, B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Center Copenhagen)