Health Department

roses_webVidya’s health department is dedicated to a variety of health-initiatives. This includes helping individuals to access methods for creating space in their busy lives for health routines, contemplation, and nourishing treatments. Our services are geared to anyone who is seeking that ever elusive “life-work balance” and is keen to integrate self-care into their lives in a realistic manner.

Whether you choose to participate in weekly classes, to attend our annual conference centered around health, healing and spirituality, or to benefit from rich resources of the Vidya Health practitioners, we hope that the offerings from our Health Department will help to improve your resilience to stress as well as your overall wellbeing.

Health, Healing and Religion

The Health, Healing, and Religion Conference was inaugurated in May 2011 as a partnership between Nipissing University and Vidya Institute. It is an annual conference centered around a theme related to healing and spirituality. The aim of the conference is to allow for cross-disciplinary discussion and is open to professionals, academics and the general public. Heeding McLuhan’s dictum that the medium is the message the structure of the conference is holistic and integrates meditative, Yoga and stress-reduction practices in to the schedule.

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Yoga & Ayurveda

The Sanskrit term for health is svastha. This literally translates as “standing solidly in the Self’” implying that health relates to our ability to be well established in our-selves. This meaning portrays an all-round sense of balance and integration, not simply the absence of dis-ease or dis-comfort.

One aspect of the teachings at Vidya thus focuses on Yoga’s sister discipline of Āyurveda, including an understanding of practice as a means to support everyday health.  Traditionally, Yoga and Āyurveda share their roots in the Vedas, and as such they are absolutely relevant and vital to one another. While Āyurveda brings the wisdom of balanced living, health and vitality, Yoga then embraces this foundation, assisting the practitioner in psycho-spiritual development. Within both of these systems, there is an emphasis on living and practicing according to our nature – referred to in Āyurveda as our constitution (prakriti). The teacher-student relationship is seen as the very heart of Yoga- at least whenever healing and personal development is concerned. As such, all methods are explored and adapted within the relational context, as the Vedic texts recommend.

At Vidya Institute we are committed to providing students with a well-integrated approach to practice, one that includes a consideration of each person’s unique constitution and needs. Our work also explores the relationship between health, healing and spirituality as a context for classical as well as contemporary practice.

Continuing Education for Health Professionals

Vidya Institute offers a range of continuing education programs for a variety of health professionals including midwives, RMTs, physiotherapists, Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists and more. These programs are designed to provide individuals with tools from the Yogic and Ayurvedic paradigm that can support the practitioner in their own self-care while also educating him or her about safe and simple practices relevant to the work with clients. Each course is carefully tailored to address the unique needs and knowledge base of each health profession while recognizing the ways in which the teachings of Yoga and/or Ayurveda can be helpful and accessible for all.

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