Class Descriptions

To meet the needs of a wide range of students, our weekly asana class schedule includes beginner to advanced level classes, as well as classes for gentle, dynamic, and restorative practices. We also hold a weekly pre-natal yoga class.

In addition to class attendance, individual consultations may be helpful in the processes of cultivating a home practice, addressing specific health concerns and/or exploring individual development.

Level I Āsana

Level I classes are designed to introduce students to the practice of āsanas (postures) and to provide them with a stable foundation for practice. These classes focus on standing, seated and supine poses as well as preparations for backbends and shoulderstand. This includes an emphasis on alignment and precision in āsana, healthy overall movement, as well as the beginnings of breath-awareness. This type of class is suitable for all students, except those with special needs and requirements, such as severe injuries and/or trauma.  Students should attend at least one year of Level I classes before proceeding to Level II.

Level II Āsana

These classes assume a basic understanding and experience of āsana, healthy practice and focus in greater detail on alignment than level I classes. Students in a level II class can also expect to work with backbending, inversion practice, forward bending and twisting in addition to standing, seated and supine poses.

Level III Āsana

These classes are designed for students in Vidya’s teacher training and/or for students with an equivalent background. Level III classes will cover all categories of āsanas from an alignment based perspective. Students attending this class are expected to have a stable inversions practice as well as a regular home practice.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga classes offer foundational instruction in Hatha Yoga, making it accessible to those who require a less vigorous practice for a number of reasons such as age, physical injuries or medical conditions. This class focuses on the main groupings of asanas: standing, seated and supine poses, with an emphasis on creating movement and bringing awareness to the body. Gentle Yoga is suitable for beginners and those with special requirements (please contact us prior to attending if you have special needs or serious conditions).

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a restful and health-promoting practice that helps activate the parasympathetic response of the peripheral nervous system and attenuate the sympathetic nervous system, or “fight or flight” response. By doing so, this gentle and rejuvenating practice allows the body to engage in processes that are put on hold in times of stress, such as digestion, relaxation and healthy reproductive function. Students will practice a series of poses that incorporate various props (eg. bolsters, straps, blocks) while allowing the body to rest and re-energize.

Pre/Post Natal

First-time students in these classes pre-register for a session of 6 consecutive classes in order to build up sufficient understanding of how to work comfortably with the postures at home. After the first session, students may continue to pre-register for consecutive classes, or attend on a drop-in basis. You can start your first 6-week session any time.

Pre-natal Yoga classes at Vidya are designed to enable women to practice in a way that is both safe and supportive at all stages of pregnancy. Pre-natal classes focus on asanas that address the changing needs of one’s body throughout pregnancy and that also help to prepare for birth. Post-natal classes center more on helping to restore and support the woman following birth. These classes are suitable for woment at all levels of practice and are generally of a more restorative nature, focusing on suitable strengthening poses, supported postures, and breath-awareness.

Ongoing pre-registered pre- and post-natal classes are offered throughout the year. Please contact the studio for more information on upcoming sessions.

Kids Yoga

Wednesdays    04:00 – 05:00pm     Ages 10-12

Thursdays       04:00 – 05:00pm     Ages 7-10

Vidya Institute’s kids classes introduce children of all ages to Yoga in a fun, supportive and creative environment. Our kids classes are divided into age groups (4-6 yrs; 6-9 yrs; 10-12 yrs; pre-teen) in order to meet the unique needs of each age.

For younger students, games, music, and art may all be used to invite children to engage with and explore various Yogic practices. Classes for pre-teens and older children will focus more on movement and traditional Yoga poses as well as various creative ways of exploring these practices.  These classes are typically offered on a pre-registered basis throughout the school year.