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As the language of Yoga, Indian scripture and Vedic mantra, Sanskrit is an essential study for those who wish to seriously engage with the teachings of Classical Yoga. At Vidya, Sanskrit classes are divided into various levels. Gitte Bechsgaard teaches Beginner and Intermediate Sanskrit while Krishan Mantri teaches Advanced Sanskrit. The Beginner Class focuses on an introduction to Devanagari (the Sanskrit script), writing, pronunciation and foundations in grammar, while Intermediate Sanskrit assumes a knowledge of these, and focuses on more complex grammar and reading skills. Advanced Sanskrit classes are open to those who have studied Sanskrit for some years already, who are able to read Devanagari and possess an understanding of basic Sanskrit grammar and vocabulary.


The Sanskrit word Satsanga literally translates as “in the company of Truth”.  At Vidya, Satsangs are taught by Krishan Mantri and focus on classical Vedic teachings such as Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras and the Bhagavad Gītā. These classes offer a unique opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of Yogic philosophy/psychology and mantra-śāstra (scriptural teachings on mantra practice and chanting).  In these evenings, Mantri-ji shares a lifetime’s wealth of wisdom that is truly inspiring and transformational.

These classes are offered by donation.

Invocation to Patanjali

I salute Patañjali, the greatest of all sages.
With hands folded in heartfelt prayer, I bow to him who
by the practice of Yoga removes impurities of mind,
who by Sanskrit removes impurities of speech,
and who by Āyurvedic medicine removes impurities of the body.

I bow down to that Patañjali; he who is strong in action and deed.
In a human form, he holds a conch-shell (for awakening), a discus (for the removal of ignorance), and a sword (representing the development of the discriminative mind).

Our homage to this thousand-headed being who is white in colour.
He who is the master of the pure spiritual energy and the giver of the ancient teachings that awaken its dormant force.