Welcome to Vidya Institute

Vidya Institute (Toronto, Canada) is committed to the teaching of classical Yoga and ancient wisdom traditions in a way that highlights their relevance to our contemporary world. We offer a range of āsana classes (Yoga classes), workshops, and Yoga teacher training programs from our location in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario. Our vision encompasses a desire to provide students with a well-integrated approach to Yoga practice- one that includes a consideration of each person’s unique constitution and needs. We welcome both local and international students of all ages, levels and abilities.

Currently we are delighted to announce that in the coming months Gitte Bechsgaard, studio founder and director, will be giving several workshops focusing on teachings from her recent book: The Gift of Consciousness: Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras. The book is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing and is currently available for purchase on their website at www.csp.org and also on www.amazon.com. To view Gitte's schedule and to learn more about upcoming workshops/events related to the book, click here.

Our new course calendar is now available for 2014-2015 with details on workshops, teacher training, Yoga philosophy courses, continuing education options and more. Please contact us for a copy or view the abridged pdf version below.

RECORDINGS NOW AVAILABLE! Exciting news- you can now access recordings of the Patanjali Invocation and Teacher Student Prayer with Gitte Bechsgaard here on SoundCloud.

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